Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pokey [EP]

Wes, little b, and I formed a folk band in 2002. It was my first official musical enterprise. I had just started playing guitar which, like so many things, was given to me for free (Thanks again, Louie!). Wes had decided that he wanted play a pitched instrument and settled on the mandolin. Brian (little b at the time) learned the upright bass because his family had one in his living room and no one knew how to play it. I think this is how folk bands are supposed to start. We had a lot of fun but only played one gig... in Brian's backyard.... for his family... while they drank. The band was short-lived as we all went on to higher education. Tracks 1-4 are covers of folk arrangements from the Warner Bros. movie "A Mighty Wind". Track five is an original. The spoken word inserts were performed quite expertly by Brian. We called ourselves "Pokey".

These tracks are also quite quiet. Next time I update this I'll fix volumes...


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