Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How much will you give me?

I enjoyed making A Friendly Reminder so much that I decided to go hard rock for the second SONGFIGHT! in a row. There are a few minor problems here such as the vocals in the verse being a little muddy, but I feel like this song really turned out how I wanted it to. It has all the elements that a good 80's hair metal track should, including outrageous screams and a violent solo that I couldn't believe was coming out of my guitar. I think a lot of that came from the atmosphere at the time. I literally put on some aviators and stood in front of a mirror with a fan blowing in my face while I was playing. I can only imagine what it's like to do that in front of 1000 people. Turn up your volume and rock out at the half-time section for maximum effect. The lyrics for this came right out of my mouth at full speed. I had the whole song written in fifteen minutes. There is an explicit section of shouting to which I'm cautious about attaching my name at this point in my career but it really fits the mood. I made a radio edit version, which plays first, just in case you aren't interested in hearing me violently swear at you. Otherwise push next. I'm learning a lot more about the ever-important production stage of songwriting. I think it shows in the bass and drum sequencing for this song, both of which are more involved than anything I've made to date. This song is a solid rocker and if you can get past the muddy sound in certain places (I'm still learning how to EQ properly) then it's a lot of fun. I'll put up the song art when it's posted over at SF!


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Gillian said...

I can just imagine the flute player next door listening to you're vulgar language Mr Tyree!

I love this songgg!