Tuesday, September 25, 2007

That's a cute hat!

So, after much debate I've decided to put this back up because, after all, I made it. It was intended to poke fun at a friend of mine from work who is an aspiring waif and fashion connoisseur. He was flipping through Esquire and actually said to me, "Check out this jacket. That shit is cute, Homie." From there I pretty much had no choice but to write a song. I'm pleased with where it turns pseudo Prince in the chorus, the whole idea worked out pretty well. It was alarming to discover how similar it is to Liam's "Kelly - Let Me Borrow That Top" but I still feel like this turned out better than his did. That's not to say I don't enjoy the video, Kelly is a great invention. Call this a revisited idea or whatever you will, but I've had too much positive feedback on this song to not post it. Besides, it's too cute!


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